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Conference Prizes

Best Research Paper

This prize is awarded to recognize the author(s) of an original piece of research which contributes a better understanding of the research question/problem investigated and demonstrates a high degree of scientific quality and innovative thought. This prize was created to acknowledge the continuing importance of high quality research to academic institutions, a researcher’s reputation and the development of the built environment field.

Best Industry-Related Research

This prize is awarded to recognize an industry-related research paper which tackles a significant subject of relevance to construction practitioners and provides conclusions that are likely to help in resolving a problem in practice. The paper should contain impactful research that is both scientifically rigorous and practically relevant.

Best Presentation

This prize is awarded to recognise the presentation which is the most coherent, clearly enunciated, well-paced, easy to understand, and effective. The award is given on the basis of quality of the presentation and not the written paper. It recognizes the best presentation based on communication of the content of a paper and the ability of the speaker to deliver an impactful, authoritative and engaging presentation. The award looks to encourage researchers to put as much effort as possible into the presentation of their work.

Gibrine Adam Promising Young Scholar Award

This prize is awarded to recognize and encourage truly exceptional young researchers. The recipient should be a young academic who demonstrates promise, such that he/she is likely to become established as a research leader. The prize is provided by Mr Gibrine Adam.– President of Zenith University College and CEO of EPP Books Services– who has made significant contributions to the education sector in West Africa through his educational establishments and philanthropic work. Awarding this prize each year will serve as an important inspiration for young African built environment academics.